anti odor medical masks for the elderly in

anti odor medical masks for the elderly in

Wuxi offers practical help for overseas coronavirus fight

On the afternoon of March 16, the city began transporting 60,000 medical masks and 1,500 sets of medical protective clothing to Sagamihara, Gimhae and Ulsan. Through close contact with manufacturers, Wuxi National High tech District helped collect 250,000 masks in just two days for 35 companies invested by 13 countries including Japan, South Korea and Italy.

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Listening to elderly MeisongFrom Human Hell to Blessed Heaven "Old society was the human hell, serf not even having conditions of livestock, working day and night for master, while taking a beating from time to time! Recalling old life se ..

Ministry of Commerce of the P.R.China China Commodity Net

Products/Services We OfferDevelopment of metal surface treatment technology; development, research and marketing of metal surface treatment materials (excluding hazardous chemicals); production and marketing of chemical products (excluding hazardous chemicals); e commerce; domestic trade; import and export of goods or technology. (Projects subject to approval in accordance with the law may

The Beijing Hour 07:00 08:00 2019/01/10 CRI

Jan 10, 2019 The Beijing Hour . Shane Bigham with you on this Thursday, January 10, 2019. Welcome to the Beijing Hour, coming to you live from the Chinese capital.

China FocusChina's textile industry turns to biomass

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When fashion lovers buy a stylish anti bacterial underwear from lingerie producer Embry Form, they could hardly link it to shrimp and crab shells. The fabric is not only used for making socks, underwear, bedding but also medical products such as masks and sanitary pads as well as special cloth used in aerospace planes, Hu said.

Fifty Years of Democratic Reform in Tibet _ Qiushi Journal

Fifty Years of Democratic Reform in Tibet _ Qiushi Journal by . but a master who injured a servant only need to give the servant medical treatment; and a servant who injured a Living Buddha was deemed to have committed a felony and would have his eyes gouged out,